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nQuake, enhancing the classic Quake

Although I’ve always been a gamer enthusiast to almost any gender, due to some strange reason lastly any game attracts me enough to keep it installed for more than a pair of days…

That’s something that I’ve experienced even with the last ones I’ve try, Painkiller and Silent Hill 3, games in which I put many expectations and that even liked me. But, as said, they couldn’t catch my interest. 


nQuake, captura de pantalla 1

However, I’ve been hooked (again) for almost a week to the original Quake, but this time in multiplayer mode, and specifically to the Mega Team Fortress mod. nQuake, captura de pantalla 2

The reason is that a friend of mine let me know nQuake, an installer aimed at newcomers players that, in general terms, fully automatices the installation of QuakeWorld (for a better net protocol), including ezQuake (the most spread QW client), GLQuake y WinQuake, bots, better quality textures and models, some of the more played maps in internet, a full configuration menu and more.

It’s available for free at the official website. Though it can be used under Windows, Linux and Mac OS, take in mind you need the original Quake so you can install and play it.

By the way, I used to play at [Amnesia] East MegaTF (


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