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Urban Dead, survival horror web based game

Even if I didn’t think I would speak about this game again, seeing the long comment I posted in I+, I decided to seize it as an entry for my blog.

Urban Dead

In short, I’ll just say that the game itself is simple (you only have to see the graphics) but addictive (to me it became almost as much as WoW), much more funny if you interact with other players.

ou start as a survivor (or a zombie, if you prefer), being asked to select a class (fireman, policeman, civil, doctor or whatever). That profession determines your initial stuff and skills, but later in the game it becomes irrelevant, as all characters can have the same attributes and equip. If you want to level-up quickly, I suggest choosing the firefighter.

Each day, you have 50 action points (AP) to spend, which you can use for several actions, be it attacking an enemy or looting a mall, tuning a radio frequency, or barricade a building for made it safer, or even spray a wall, etc. As any other RPG, some of these actions grants your PC experience points which you can use for buying new skills.

After you’ve spent all your AP, you are too tired to continue and have to wait for a while (IIRC, AP regeneration is 1/half-four), and have a nap -so, if you’re not a zed, stay inside a safe house before you lose all your AP!

he interface is quite intuitive, lying in a few buttons and a map. With then you can move (any direction), attack, use items or whatever. Easy, isn’t it?

If you click on a player’s name you can see a description (appearance and the like) of the PC, level, XP and times died. If it is yours, you can change the description of your PC (both human and zed) and set skills, in case you have leveled.

Urban Dead, captura de pantalla

s I’ve already said the game is more fun when interacting with other players. In fact, I find it soon turns a lot more cooperative than most commercial MMORPG, where you can (more or less) solo most the game until reaching the most dangerous places (ie., high-instance dungeons and the like). Cooperative game in Urban Dead is mandatory if you want to survive (be either a zed or a survivor) for a long.

suggest playing a few days to learn how to interact with the interface and the game itself and later, if you find it enjoyable, join a group of survivor and/or zeds and get fun in multiplayer mode.  <spam>DEM needs you!</spam>

Then start meta-gaming, using forum reports, maybe writing a fictional diary of your character progress and feelings, and so on.

n the bad side, the game becomes a bit boring after a time due the own limitations of it. When you have reach the maximum level, it would have became just more and more repetitive -search for shells, kill some zeds, barricade the building and report, search for shells and start again. From time to time, a new (tiny) update come to bring some joy to the game; they are definitely not kick-ass bring ups, but can really save you from a bored day.

And finally, but not being fault of the game itself, there are as usually “player-killers” (PKs) that can give you some headaches (humans killing other humans can be really annoying).

or those using Firefox, I recommend to install  Urban Dead Toolbar, a nice add-on for the game. I don’t know if it’s available for other browsers.


4 comentarios

  1. ZombieBoy

    f you like urban dead you might want to check out as well

    12/06/2008 en 22:22

  2. Anónimo

    I’ve played 4-ever it rox!!! I’m in the 82nd airborne

    18/12/2008 en 20:41

  3. Anónimo

    try similar game, more stuff, faster ap

    12/10/2009 en 21:25

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