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Lady Terminator, B-movie action film

First she mates… then she terminates.

The film I’m going to review today isn’t but a pseudo-remake of The Terminator (the first film), a true B movie though, of Indonesian production, and both the music and aesthetics from the 80s. F*ck yeah.

I’m speaking of Pembalasan ratu pantai selatan, which can be translated as The revenge of the South Seas Queen, but usually receives the more popular and commercial title of Lady Terminator.

et’s break this down. This time we won’t find slayer robots coming from the future, even if there are a few mentions to the classic film of Cameron -as stated later on. In this case the story begins, much like in The call of Cthulhu (cof cof), from a sea travel which should never has been done and finish (or, rather, starts) with an anthropologist being possessed by the spirit of the South Seas Queen.

And for some reason I didn’t understand, the vengeful Lady Terminator (name she never receives in the film) decides to embarks in a blood, destruction and spasmodic deaths spiral that, with no doubt, will delight the action film fans.

Lady Terminator, captura de pantalla 1

Because the film itself is a senseless violence, blood splashes and even some unnecessary naked scenes show. On the other hand, it is obvious that the weapons, despite its present design, comes from a future time, due the low number of clips required (just one each few minutes of uninterrupted firing) and the null recoil when shooting.

It’s clear too that Indonesians cops always carry a loaded M-16 under the co-driver seat of their cars, just for the case. But that’s another matter.

Lady Terminator, captura de pantalla 2D
espite the script isn’t a literal recreation of the original film (as in, for example, Seytan), there are many references made to Terminator. For example, the inevitable road pursuit (including the patrol car), the first meeting of main characters in a bar and the later shoot-out, the “patching” of the damaged eye after a fight, the “android” (failing a better term) who emerges unharmed but just a bit scorched through the fire…

ith regard to the actors, their performances are just what one could expect in a film of this kind. All the performances are quite plain, sometimes even monotonous, but not overacted at all. Barbara Anne Constable, the main actress, stands out because of her expressiveness has nothing to envy the original playing of Arnold Schwarzenegger (or, more recently, Kristanna Loken).

Dialogues are at the same level, and of course we couldn’t miss typical phrases from the film gender, like “Let’s going to teach her!” or “It’s gonna blow!” (a second before shooting a bazooka), and an unforgettable final locution which serves as moral that has nothing to envy to the more wise essays by classical philosophers.

ith this references in mind, some could think that both make-up and pyrotechnics are worthy of an amateur short film. But nothing further from the truth.

Lady Terminator, captura de pantalla 3SFX aren’t bad at all for the time and the kind of film I’m referring, and in fact they’re shown in an increasing spiral of continual explosions, blood gush, a post-burn rubber wearing (that certainly is a bit seedy) and even an helicopter that finally blows up. Not even eye rays are missing, like a beholder in a dungeon.

o sum up: even if it isn’t the kind of film you’ll see with your family, this cult work is a excellent action movie, quite entertaining and much laughable with you can spend a good cinema afternoon.

Technical informacion and more Pembalasan ratu pantai selatan reviews in IMDB.


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