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Tariki, daughter of the Tauren

This is a bio for one of my World of Warcraft characters, a female warrior tauren. It was supposed to be posted as the recruitment post for a guild of kind people, but as I finally get bored about the game just a few days after joining them, I didn’t finish it until I found it again lost somewhere in my hard drive.

Sure, the story is quite cliché and not even well written –but nonetheless I liked it as background for my “bully” and was nice to think about it.

Tariki, daughter of the Tauren

True I’m young and still far for gaining the wisdom that elder possesses. Still at my early age, I’ve learned grief, painful lessons -about war. War never changes. There is no honour in war, just the pain of the innocents and the greed of chieftains. We the Shu’Halo love life and war is the antithesis of life…

We used to live southwest of Barrens, near Taurajo Camp, many time ago. And we were happy and peaceful, living in harmony with beasts and nature around us.

Dad was a strong blacksmith, he used to spoke me about iron and cuprum and all those wonderful minerals. He wasn’t experienced in such a way Ragetotem are, but he certainly worked hard trying to do his best.

Mum was a skilful hunter. I learnt from her about Motherearth, and why we should slay living things just for survival and not for cruel delight.

And, of course, there was the little Zhacha, my beloved little sister. She was a lovely, small creature full of life and innocence. Alas, poor Zhacha…

ne day, mum and dad went out for beast chasing, as usually. Time passed, night come and they didn’t come back. I left Zhacha sleeping, probably dreaming of beautiful things, and went out looking for our parents. And not much time later, I found them –and alas, how I wish I didn’t. As all that was left of them were a couple of bloodstained corpses.

When examining their bodies, I realized they weren’t killed by a savage beast, but by some humanoids of any kind… in fact, looking around I found a pair of broken little weapons. My first consideration was thinking in the centaurs or maybe the quilboars roaming our land, but I realized these weapons were quite elaborated for them… just at that moment I heard the thunder and I suddenly understood.

Southeast from our old home, there is a settlement of these little men simply known as dwarves, who by day and night hollow our sacred land with fire and thunder. Time ago, our ancestors used to live near that place but they engaged in war with those so-called dwarves, and should move north. They killed many of our ancestors, and with no doubt, they shall be who killed my parents…

othing could be done at this moment, so I spent some time burying their corpses under stones so scavengers didn’t desecrate their corpses. And then returned home, feeling a heavy burden growing inside me. When I arrived, my sister was still sleeping deeply, quietly and peacefully, uninformed of misfortune.

Poor Zhacha, she couldn’t understand, she was just too young to do. From that morning, every day she looked at me with her big, shining eyes, and asked me when mum and dad would come back with us, and every day all I could reply was that we’ll meet them again one day… I couldn’t even add that we’ll have to wait to another life.

With both my parents gone, I had to learn and improve the way of hunting and handling weapons by myself so I could take care of my sister and me, moreover we could manage to survive in the harsh lands of Barrens. And so, time passed…

ain is almost unknown in our land, and thus thunder is too. But Zhacha loved thunder, and she seemed to be really fascinated each time the fire summoned by the dwarves tore out rocks from the mountain, crying the earth itself out of pain and pity as the roar itself of the storm.

Alas, such an irony that the fate of my sister would not be other that the same our parents took: to keep died lying under stones… As a morning, while I went out looking for some hunting, she ignored my advice of staying safe at home and went out near that dreadful place of havoc.

When I came back and I didn’t found her inside our tent, something in my inside foretold what I was to find out there. In fact, I follow in her footsteps and finally found her little hand sticking out of an enormous pile of blown up rocks from the mountain.

it was neither revenge nor reprisal. It was -still is- a fierce hate, a deep and blazing Rage that burn me from inside since that day. I never thought we the peaceful Shu’Halo could ever feel such a terrible emotion. But the fact is that this feeling exploited in my chest and ran through my veins, charging me with such a ferocious power as I never had feel before.

So, as if I was trapped in a bad dream, I held on the axe tightly (I didn’t even realize I was still carrying it) and rushed toward those half-made men as a furious, bellowing death… That way I killed many of them, can’t sure how many. But after that bloody carnage, when any life form was left near me, I didn’t feel anything inside me –as if I was out of me and my body was emptied of any life but still not dead.

My voice was broken after I shrieked and shouted once and another, claiming for death. Sand carried by the wind was stinging my injured skin, but I couldn’t care less. Even that Rage calmed down for a time, but never fully disappeared -in fact, it is still there, like an unsatisfied beast, as a slept being within me.

y sister murderers killed, there was anything left to do, nothing to feel -not even the bleeding wounds that hurt my body, and my soul. Therefore, I just leave back from the place some call Bael Modan and started walking all along The Barrens.

And I walked during days or weeks or whatever time passed, roaming among dry dust and hot sand.

I walked, under An’she’s impassive sight, beneath a mantle of stars.

Lone and empty inside, maybe waiting for my fate to come, willing to meet my loved ones again.

Walked, just walked for a long…

ntil one day, I saw remote in the way a large village growing up from earth and reaching the distant, blue sky. In the midst of those tent-shaped buildings I glimpsed the strong and tall body of Shu’Halo folks living in that town -and so I reached to saw a new hope, a new beginning, some people who I could call my family.

And awakening behind the mountains, far above the tents, far among the stars I saw a sun…

…a Risen Sun.


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