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Supplements for board games

A few game accessories and some rules for wargames, board games and card games.

Blood Bowl 
Balón de Blood Bowl

So far, I’ve just designed an alternative logo and the pitch board, and I have no plans to add a bench or other accessories. Design is almost finished but I think current size is wrong, so I’m still to check and correct it in a pending update.

Warhammer 40,000

Emblema de la Legión Alfa

I‘ve barely had the opportunity to play, so the following list hasn’t been well tested. As it is an Alpha Legion list (yet it includes a generic daemon prince and some possessed, sacrificing background for aesthetics) and the latest edition has been removed the troops of cultists, I represent them with veterans (troops of Cadia miniatures) for his of infiltration ability.


2 comentarios

  1. Anónimo

    sorry im terrible with spelling i dont want to be a dick but alpha legion(one of my favorite armies ever)would not have deamons or wings, or even powers, and i would change the name of chaos glory to something different like(but not, because its what i call it) emporers glory. and less names like “the destroyer”, although “the deceitful” would work well.

    18/03/2010 en 16:59

    • I justify demons as being summoned by the cultists after starting an attack from inside a city or planet -but that’s just my justification for including them. I just like both Alpha Legion and some demons and wanted to play with both them in my list, even if they are a bit outside of the Legion background.

      The Chaos Glory icon is there just because it represents the Legion and its followers worshiping all Chaos gods, and I think it’s more appropiate for them than using the icon of a particular god or even any icon at all. But that’s just my two cents.
      I shall agree about “the destroyer” surname, though, it’s somehow inappropriate and cheesy. So if I can think of more suitable names, I’ll update them in the future.
      Thanks for your feedback.

      06/05/2010 en 19:33

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