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Alice is Dead, a graphic adventure in Wonderland

You’ve reached Wonderland. And Alice is dead.

Review of the Flash game.

Alice is Dead 1, captura de pantalla

Though graphic adventures seem to be rather outdated today, sometimes a notable exception comes out to surprise us. Just like Alice is Dead, a point-and-click adventure produced by the ImpendingRiot indie team, which serves as a sequel (or maybe as an alternative narration) to the famous literary work.

Alice is Dead 2, captura de pantallaAs the main character, you’ve fallen though the White Rabbit hole, unable to come back and you don’t even have any memories about your past nor your own identity. You are trapped underground and your only companions are a pair of not very friendly insects… and the decaying corpse of the little girl whom we met in the Lewis Caroll tales. It’s pretty clear that you have no option other than finding a way out, while you prepare to discover what has happened with Alice and your own memory.

True to the genre, the game interface is simple and learning of usage is easy. It consists of a button to mute or unmute the sound, a shortcut to the mobile phone in the last episode, the inevitable inventory and heart or spade shaped arrows to move from the current screen. And of course, a dialogs display when you interact with some other character, among whom you’ll find several old friends and a few new faces as well.

A noir game from which genre uses some clichés, it outstands at all levels from the graphics (few in number but varied and rich in details), that could illustrate a children’s fable as well as a noir story, to the background music (which is adapted to the current screen, be it either a sort of lullaby or a nightclub song) as well as the character voice dubbing. Not to mention the correct logic of the riddles, which sometimes have two potential solutions, although any of them is a particularly hard challenge even for a casual player. And the thing is, even if the game is three episodes long, all of them are of a very short length, probably not more than an amusing hour of playing at most for a veteran player.

Alice is Dead 3, captura de pantallaIn spite of this, the plot thread is interesting enough to get hold from the beginning to the very end and the game as a whole is an exciting plot twist within the Wonderland mythology, even if many players haven’t totally liked the ending. That said, don’t forget to wait until the credits of the last episode are done to see the conclusion of the game.

You can play all three game episodes in Newsgrounds, as well as the song from the third chapter brilliantly singed by Hania Lee.


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