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Roman aestethic based printable chess board

I think that the title says it all: a chessboard design based upon Roman times.

Ajedrez romano / Roman chess



Alice is Dead, a graphic adventure in Wonderland

You’ve reached Wonderland. And Alice is dead.

Review of the Flash game.

Alice is Dead 1, captura de pantalla


Blank character sheets for Conan RPG

Only the strongers survive!

Conan - el juego de rol


Urban Dead, survival horror web based game

Even if I didn’t think I would speak about this game again, seeing the long comment I posted in I+, I decided to seize it as an entry for my blog.

Urban Dead


nQuake, enhancing the classic Quake

Although I’ve always been a gamer enthusiast to almost any gender, due to some strange reason lastly any game attracts me enough to keep it installed for more than a pair of days…

That’s something that I’ve experienced even with the last ones I’ve try, Painkiller and Silent Hill 3, games in which I put many expectations and that even liked me. But, as said, they couldn’t catch my interest.